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MDM Viking Axe Real – Odin’s Axe Battle Axe Real- viking axe ax battle axe viking axe real weapon tomahawks leviathan axe camp hatchet viking axe head


Product specifications

Technical Details
Production Method Viking God Odin Double Blade Axe
Width 2 inches
Height 8 inches
Length 36 inches
Material Stainless Steel
Weight Supported 6.6 Pounds
Minimum Age Recommended (Months) 120.00
MDM - Master Damascus Maker STORE Are You Looking for a battle axe for your Viking armory or Gift for your loved one ? The Vikings lived in tough and turbulent times. To survive, this tribe of noble people needed tools to help them overcome and emerge victorious. One such tool is the axe knives swords are main one. Viking axes come in different styles and shapes, but there's one that perfectly captures the fearless and stormy Viking spirit: the double-headed axe. Crafted for battle, this axe instantly struck fear. And now, you can wield one yourself. Feel the warrior spirit taking over with the Odin's Double Head Viking Axe by VikingsBrand! From head to handle, our hand forged twin-blade axe is a work of art. Aside from the ferocious-looking axe head, it's also decorated with a unique drawing that features the supreme deity of Norse mythology: Odin. Alongside the "Allfather" are his two trusted companions, the ravens Huggin and Munnin. Beyond its beauty, this double-headed axe is also tough and durable. The head is made from heat-treated carbon steel, while the shaft is crafted out of ash wood. The handle is wrapped with strips of leather, which doesn't just improve the grip but also gives the axe a more rugged look. The design and quality of this axe make it an excellent gift for people who love Norse mythology and culture. This is one piece anyone would be ecstatic to add to their Viking armory. Skål! Channel the Viking warrior within yourself. Add the MDM _Vikings Odin's Double Head Viking Axe to your cart TODAY!
  • 【 Multipurpose Beautiful AXE 】: This battle axe is designed to impress and inspire awe. It's adorned with a unique and original drawing of Odin "Allfather" and his faithful ravens, Huggin and Munnin axe combat axe camping axes and hatchets anniversary gift viking axe real weapon viking axe
  • 【A Formidable Axe 】 The double-headed axe head is crafted from premium carbon steel. It's sharp, easy to hone, and retains its edge well. It's also heat treated to enhance its durability.
  • 【 Highest Quality Solid Handle & Secure Hold】The ash wood axe handle of the axe is sturdy and strong. It's wrapped in genuine leather strips that elevate the axe's overall appeal and provides a non-slip grip.
  • 【Thrilling Present - Great Gift】 Looking for a gift for a lover of handmade Viking axe and Norse gear? Make them feel like an authentic Nordic warrior with this stunning and realistic twin-blade Viking axe.
  • 【Handle With Care 】 Please note that this double sided axe is not a toy axe and is fully functional. Always exercise caution when wielding this fantasy axe and keep it away from kids at all times.

MDM-0105 Custom Hand Forged Tomahawk Viking Hatchet Beared Camping Axe Head, 5160 HIGH Carbon Steel Blade, Throwing Set Vintage Ax Viking Gift for Him 7.0”


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  • ⏮️ Axe Blade – 5160 High Carbon Steel is one of the most useful materials used for knives and blades due to its durability Hardness and rust resistance. Hand Engraved Viking axe beautiful. Hand polished and deep engraved work on the blade. Axe Head Axe Blade Cover, Blade, Axe knife, Axe Handle axe head hatchet Viking throwing
  • ⏮️ This Viking Blade has easy to grip Solid wooden handle suitable. The gentle curve and ergonomic handle of this Tomahawk axe is designed for exceptional comfort and durability which also have a great swig you have to do make handle for this. The comfortability and durability of bade make this small Viking axe the best useful multipurpose axe i.e. kitchen axe, pizza axe, axe head hatchet viking throwing axes tomahawk bearded wood double steel
  • ⏮️ We are doing all type of customization work on Axe Blade & Handles, We are also making special custom Gift Item for the birthday anniversary, wises father day mother day Gift pack as you required, INCLUDED - The Handstitched Original leather sheath is made to be perfectly fitting and used to carry the axe for everyday common tasks easily and comfortably. Real Viking Gift
  • ⏮️ This unique hand forged axe is a perfect gift axe, who love Blade, blades and Viking axes, The Durability makes this small axe the perfect butcher axe, kitchen axe, meat axe, gardening axe, pizza axe. hatchet throwing knives woodworking tools forged in fire swords real weapons throwing axes Damascus knife gifts for men viking axe god of war axes and hatchets samurai armor vikings fathers day gift for men groomsmen gift wedding gift
  • ⏮️ Your satisfaction is our priority. We focus on product quality to give our customers the best value & great experience. If you have any questions, our friendly support is always available for you. We believed 100% customer satisfaction, Our aim is quality custom products viking axe Ax battle axe viking axe real weapon Tomahawks leviathan axe camp hatchet viking hand axe viking weapons bearded axe wood chopping axe viking knives for men battle